Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is Google's new Desktop Search software worth the hype?

Google's new Desktop Search software may be too efficient

October 27, 2004


Google's new Desktop Search software is a muscle car among search engines, racing through personal data stored inside your computer to instantly find things you can't easily locate. But it's also capable of skidding off the road when driven without the appropriate degree of caution. Read the entire article here.

Download here.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Could St. Louis Be The Next Toronto?

Extreme Makeover
Rollin Stanley is a hotshot city planner -- which begs the question: What the hell is he doing in St. Louis?

As a young kid, Rollin Stanley had a passion for long-distance running -- a fitting pursuit for the man who would someday be charged with rebuilding the ragged physical landscape of St. Louis. Stanley got his start scaling the hills of his rural Ontario birthplace. He began modestly: 1,500 meters. Wanting to run farther, Stanley turned to cross-country, gradually upping his distance to 10,000 ...  MORE »

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bush on Native American Issues: "Tribal Sovereignty Means That. It's Sovereign"

NPJ: Here is one more reason NOT to vote for Dubya. Partial transcript...

AMY GOODMAN: Here we play the questioning by Mark Trahant. He is the editorial page editor of The Seattle Post Intelligencer, former president of the Native American Journalists Association, questioning President Bush.

MARK TRAHANT: Most school kids learn about government in the context of city, county, state and federal, and of course, tribal governments are not part of that at all. Mr. President, you have been a governor and a president, so you have unique experience looking at it from two directions. What do you think tribal sovereignty means in the 21st century and how do we resolve conflicts between tribes and the federal and state governments?

GEORGE BUSH: Tribal sovereignty means that, it's sovereign. You're a -- you're a -- you have been given sovereignty and you're viewed as a sovereign entity.


NPJ: Bush is a complete IDIOT. Check out
the full story here and be sure to watch the video.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Eddie has left the building

Here is a shot of him waving goodbye before he hit the road for Connecticut last weekend. Safe travels my friend.